From the Schlagerfest team: EUROFEST! At the RVT, Friday 20th January

The Schlagerfest team has been busy working on an exciting new night… schlager and Eurovision are going mainstream in London in a big way! Introducing EUROFEST at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!!

Are you a dancing queen or a Barbie girl? David Cameron may be pulling back from Europe, but we’re staying in…for the music! The team behind sell-out night Schlagerfest bring you the launch event of EUROFEST at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern from 9pm-3am on Friday 20th January.

We’ll be flying the flag for Europop all night long, including many tracks from European pop’s spiritual core, theEurovision Song Contest. And quite a lot of it won’t be from Sweden. DJ Dave Simmons, the UK’s leading Eurovision DJ, and DJ Don Grant will be bringing their 20 years’ experience of playing all things European. From ABBA to Gina G to Aqua, from Bananarama to Helena Paparizou to Cascada, from Shirley Clamp to Steps to September, from Inna to Eric Saade to 2 Unlimited, Eurofest is the place to come and dance, sing along and be taken to your heaven.

Guaranteed an R&B-free zone!!

The night will feature a LIVE PERFORMANCE at midnight by HAZELL DEAN, the queen of hi-NRG dance pop and multiple award winner for her live performances. Her string of chart entries has included top 10 hits “Searchin’ (I Gotta Find a Man)”, “Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)”, and “Who’s Leaving Who”, and she is also a two-time entrant of the BBC’s A Song for Europe.

Actually knowing much Europop or Eurovision is strictly optional for your enjoyment of Eurofest. These are songs that are expressly designed for you to pick them up well within a single listen, and you’ll be around the most unpretentious crowd you can imagine. And all for less than the cost of a Greek bank!

AND it’s all for charity… all proceeds will be donated to the Terence Higgins Trust. That sounds good to us!

In the ‘general Europop’ corner:
2 Unlimited – Ace of Base – Agnes – Alice Deejay – Alphabeat – Aqua – A*Teens – Bananarama – Basshunter – Black Box – Boney M – Cascada – Corona – Culture Beat – Dead or Alive – DJ Sammy – Elin Lanto – Fragma – Gadjo – Gala – Helene Fischer – Ian Van Dahl – Infernal – Inna – Kate Ryan – Livin’ Joy – Modern Talking – Robyn – Sash! – September – Snap – Spagna – Star Pilots – Steps – The Tamperer – Technotronic – Velvet – Vengaboys – Whigfield

…and lined up for Team Eurovision:
A1 – ABBA – Alcazar – Alexander Rybak – Ani Lorak – Antique – Carola – Charlotte Perrelli – Dana International – Danny Saucedo – Deuce – DJ Bobo – Eric Saade – Euroband – Gina G – Helena Paparizou – Hera Björk – Jedward – Jenny Silver – Kati Wolf – Katrina and the Waves – Lena – Linda Bengtzing – Movetron – Nicki French – Rebecca Dremelj – Sakis Rouvas – Sanna Nielsen – Selma – Shirley Clamp – Soraya

Tickets: On the door only
Standard price: £6 
Discount price: £3 before 10pm or £4 before 11pm, only with one Facebook event page printout OR flyer (available soon from website) per person


Eurofest doesn’t necessarily replace Schlagerfest – we hope that there will be further Schlagerfest events if the stars align suitably for us to bring you something suitably amazing now that Loom is no longer available. But in the meantime, you will join us at Eurofest, right? 🙂

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